Introducing our magnificent 11 carat Diamond Simulant baguette Solitaire ring, boasting a mesmerizing 10x12mm stone.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each diamond is meticulously secured with double prongs to ensure maximum brilliance and durability. The solid band design adds to the ring's elegance and sophistication.

  • Diamond Size: 11 carat Diamond Simulant baguette Solitaire, 10x12mm
  • Setting: Meticulously secured with double prongs
  • Material: Premium Silver 925
  • Finish: Finished with a matching White Gold Plating
  • Match: Complements designs E0222 and P0211
  • Occasion: A true symbol of luxury and timeless beauty

Elevate your style with this magnificent ring, perfect for making a statement on any occasion and exuding sophistication and elegance.