Introducing our captivating Solitaire Jazz Engagement Ring, paired with a unique marquise and round shape band adorned with brilliant diamond simulants.

Settings: This exquisite ring features a stunning 3ct (7.75 mm) Brilliant cut round shape lab-created diamond simulant, securely set in a combination of prong and bezel settings. The alternating shapes on the shoulders of the ring create a playful rhythm, adding to its unique charm.

Materials: Crafted with precision, the ring is made from premium Sterling Silver 925, ensuring durability and a luxurious foundation. It is finished with a lustrous coating of White Gold Plating, enhancing its brilliance and sophistication. Additionally, the ring is available in 18k yellow and rose gold plating options, catering to various preferences.

Shape: The centrepiece of the ring showcases a dazzling round shape lab-created diamond simulant, complemented by the unique marquise and round shape band. This combination of shapes adds an antique-inspired touch to the ring, creating a visually stunning and elegant look.

Colour: The brilliant sparkle of the lab-created diamond simulant contrasts beautifully with the pristine shine of the white gold plating, creating a captivating display of light and shadow. The availability of yellow and rose gold plating options further enhances the versatility of the ring, allowing for personalized style choices.

Complete your ensemble with our Swing Jazz eternity band R0848, as shown in the image, for a cohesive and elegant look.

Indulge in the timeless allure of our Solitaire Jazz Engagement Ring and elevate your style with sophistication. Make a statement of elegance with this exquisite piece today.