Introducing the "Aoife Pear-shape Halo Cuff" Bangle:

Step into a world of beauty and radiance with our stunning new "Aoife Pear-shape Halo Cuff" Bangle. Named after the Irish Gaelic word for "beauty" or "radiance," this bangle lives up to its name with its captivating design and elegant craftsmanship.

Product Specifications:

Stones: Featuring two striking pear-shaped halo settings adorned with Emerald & Sapphire Diamond Simulant Teardrops (7x5mm x 2) and surrounded by Diamond Round stones (1.5mm x 28).
Setting: A clever combination of Halo and Prong settings, ensuring each stone is showcased to perfection.
Material: Crafted in sterling silver with rhodium plating for durability and a luxurious shine.
Width of Setting: 8.3mm, providing a bold yet elegant presence on the wrist.
Gap for Opening: 15mm, allowing for easy wear and a comfortable fit.
Cuff Width: 3.5mm, adding to the bangle's delicate yet substantial appeal.
Cuff Height: 2.5mm, striking the perfect balance between sleekness and sophistication.
Cuff Inner Diameter: 65x55mm, offering a flexible fit for most wrist sizes.
Approximate Silver Weight: 16.5 grams, ensuring both durability and comfort in wear.

Indulge in the timeless allure of our "Aoife Pear-shape Halo Cuff" Bangle. Whether worn as a standalone statement piece or layered with other bracelets for a personalized look, this bangle is sure to elevate any ensemble with its effortless elegance and charm.