Introducing our exquisite Cushion & Round Three Diamond Ring Set, a stunning ensemble inspired by the timeless elegance of Meghan Markle's iconic engagement ring. Crafted with precision and passion, this set exudes sophistication and grace, adorning your fingers with unparalleled beauty and brilliance.


  • Sparkling Brilliance: Our diamond simulants boast exceptional clarity and brilliance, meticulously cut to perfection to reflect light from every angle, ensuring a dazzling display of radiance with every movement.

  • Symbol of Everlasting Love: Embrace the timeless symbolism of a three-stone ring, representing the past, present, and future of your love story. Let this exquisite ring set be a testament to your enduring commitment and devotion.

  • Perfect Pairing: Complete your ensemble with our matching Curved Eternity Ring, featuring five round brilliant diamond simulants set in a classic four-prong setting. This eternity ring adds a touch of sophistication and sparkle, enhancing the beauty of your engagement ring with effortless elegance.

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Cushion & Round Three Diamond Ring:

  • Style: Three-stone engagement ring with a cushion-cut centrepiece (5ct, 8x8mm) and two brilliant round diamonds (0.5ct, 4.25mm each) in a cluster setting.
  • Stone: High-quality diamond simulants, meticulously cut for maximum brilliance and fire.
  • Setting: Double prong setting, ensuring security and stability while showcasing the beauty of the stones.
  • Metal: Sterling silver 925, with white,  gold plating, offering versatility and sophistication.

Curved Eternity Ring:

  • Style: Curved eternity ring featuring five round brilliant diamond simulants (0.14ct, 3.25mm each) in a classic four-prong setting.
  • Stone: Stunning diamond simulants with exceptional clarity and brilliance.
  • Setting: Classic four-prong setting, allowing the natural beauty of the stones to shine.
  • Metal: Sterling silver, with white gold plating, ensuring a perfect match with your engagement ring.

Indulge in luxury and elegance with our Cushion & Round Three Diamond Ring set. Make a statement of everlasting love and sophistication that will be cherished for a lifetime.