Behold our iconic solitaire engagement ring, a timeless symbol of everlasting love and commitment. Crafted with precision and passion, this ring features a brilliant 3ct (8.mm) lab-created diamond simulant, elegantly showcased in a six-prong setting. The setting is designed to virtually disappear, allowing the diamond to shine brilliantly above the band, creating a mesmerizing visual effect that captivates hearts. Made with sterling silver 925 and plated with 18k white gold, this ring exudes sophistication and luxury, making it the perfect choice to begin your journey of love and togetherness."

"Complementing this stunning solitaire is our alternating round half eternity band, a testament to modern elegance and everlasting devotion. Featuring round brilliant 1.7mm and 3mm lab-created diamond simulants set in a prong setting, this band offers a unique twist with its alternating pattern. Each large round brilliant diamond is delicately nestled between two smaller diamond simulants, symbolizing the eternal bond between two souls. Crafted with sterling silver and white gold plating, this band exudes sophistication and refinement, making it the perfect companion to the solitaire engagement ring or a statement piece on its own. Embrace the essence of modern romance with this exquisite band that speaks volumes of your love story."


  • Iconic Solitaire Engagement Ring:

    • Style: Solitaire Engagement Ring
    • Stone: Brilliant 3ct (8.mm) lab-created diamond simulant
    • Setting: Six-Prong Setting
    • Features: The six-prong setting virtually disappears, allowing the brilliant diamond to float above the band, creating a stunning visual effect.
    • Metal: Sterling Silver 925 with 18k White Gold Plating
  • Alternating Round Half Eternity Band:

    • Style: Half Eternity Band
    • Stone: Round Brilliant 1.7mm and (0.18ct) 3mm Lab Created Diamond Simulants
    • Setting: Prong
    • Features: This stunning half eternity band features an alternating pattern with a large round brilliant diamond between two smaller diamond simulants, symbolizing modern and everlasting love. Truly unique and sophisticated.
    • Metal: Sterling Silver with White gold plating