Introducing our stunning Black Emerald Cut Halo Ring and its perfect companion, the Classic 3/4 Eternity Ring. Individually captivating, together they create a harmonious ensemble that exudes elegance and timeless beauty. Let's explore their specifications:

Black Emerald Cut Halo Ring:

  • Featuring a delicate design with a striking black colour emerald cut stone measuring 8x6mm.
  • The stone is micropave-set to frame its exquisite beauty.
  • The ring is adorned with brilliant round cut 1.5mm and 1.75mm stones set halfway around the band.
  • Style: Classic prong setting with a halo design.
  • Metal: Sterling Silver with white gold plating.

Classic 3/4 Eternity Ring:

  • Timelessly elegant and simplistic in design.
  • Adorned with brilliant round lab-created diamond simulants, flowing all the way around the band.
  • Style: 3/4 Eternity band in a prong set.
  • Metal: Silver 925 with white gold plating.

Worn together, these rings create a captivating contrast. The boldness of the Black Emerald Cut Halo Ring is perfectly complemented by the subtle elegance of the Classic 3/4 Eternity Ring.

This duo isn't just about style; it's about symbolism. The eternity ring symbolizes everlasting love, making it a meaningful addition to any special occasion.

Make a statement that resonates beyond the aesthetic with our Black Emerald Cut Halo Ring paired with the Classic 3/4 Eternity Ring. It's a match made to last a lifetime.